Lou Rotzinger

You are a director ? A musician ? A music lover, or you’re just curious ?…


Here you will have access to my sounds and colors researches, recorded with a simple ambience microphone. Often, theses experiments ( “LES IMPROVISATIONS FOLLES ET TIMIDES” ) constitute the roots of my songs, or the themes of my film musics. They are extended day by day, year by year, among those I love, and those I’ve met. Sometimes, the microphone catches a moment ( “DANS LES MICROS LA VIE” ), which with time, becomes a little like a sensitive Polaroïd of our joyful hours. Soon, in Louboratoire, we’ll be able to listen to the first episode of my radio web-series called “CARNET DE BORD D’UN VOYAGEUR À QUAI” : Behind the scenes of a growing artist, a man in the making, through his travels in routine, real, or imaginery…

In the mean time, you can download every music starting from 1€, and donate more if you would like to. This GIFT SYSTEM is an opportunity for you to directly support me (click on “BUY”).


Dans les micros la vie

Les improvisations folles et timides