Lou Rotzinger

You are a director ? A musician ? A music lover, or you’re just curious ?… WELCOME !


Here you will access my different FILM MUSICS , that now, could well become your own soundtrack…
You may listen or download each track starting from 1€, and donate more if you would like to. This GIFT SYSTEM is an opportunity for you to directly support me (click on “BUY”).


“François Truffaut l’insoumis”, a documentary by Alexandre Moix

“Mesure et Démesure”, a film by Frédéric Laffont

“Ma Gueule d’Atmosphère”, a short film by Adèle Laffont

“Late Bloomers”, a film by Hugo Sobelman

“Noctambus”, a film by Alexis Pierlot

“Si je pouvais le dire aux autres “, a film by Jean-Daniel PELLEN