Lou Rotzinger

Before « Lou Rotzinger » , there is Quentin Laffont.

A young guy (28 years old) who pinched an old name in his family : « Rotzinger » as « red singer ». A personal musical path, self-taught and dreamlike. Which takes root in the gloomy corridors of a boarding school. Everything there is so strict and under control… Nothing from the outside is allowed to enter the doors. The only one to succeed : a guitar teacher. During two years, Quentin learns music thanks to his friends who’ll show him the chords they learned during class.

Around 20 years old, he gets passionate about Django Reinhardt’s music. Learns how to listen, how to improvise. Gradually, he falls in love with Jazz… Its lyricism, its fierceness… And especially its freedom ! Chet Baker, Wes Montgomery and Thelonious Monk became his teenage heroes.

During several years, he discovers the stage while accompanying his lifelong friend, the artist Nach.

After the guitar, comes the piano. Precisely, his grand fa’s one, as fallen from the sky… He is 22, he starts composing. He also produces his first film musics while writing his first songs.

Finally, Quentin Laffont became Lou Rotzinger.

A character that he brings to life during his shows « Les Nuits du Lou. »Some kind of an androgynous being. One that strolls among us. Sitting on his cloud. He is a distant viewer of our constant roaring time. A singular man, outside castes and categories. Like his music, where whispers of Nina Simone, Alain Bashung, Rodrigo Amarante, Philippe Katerine and James Blake are echoing together.

Lou Rotzinger’s music is a dive in the land of ultra-sensitive souls.

For his first album « Les Nuits du Lou. », he surrounded himself with longtime close friends musicians that inspire and resemble him : Joseph Chedid, Guillaume Latil, Maxime Berton, Martin Wangermée and Jérôme Arrighi. The outcoming is an intimate and hovering hand made creation. A progressive journey on our floating boats rocked by poetry within two storms, impertinent, drenched, and sensual.

While waiting for the next album, the next journey, Lou will be back on stage in Paris from May 2015.