Lou Rotzinger
nous sommes jeunes et nos jours sont longs lou rotzinger flavien berger

Four years ago I met the french producer Flavien Berger to create the music for Cosme Castro and Léa Forest’s first feature Nous sommes jeunes et nos jours sont longs. Shortly after I travelled among the spirits of Brazil, wich I never really came back from, and Flavien took over my little Parisian apartment which was actually a tremendous music laboratory, better known as “La Forge”. I really love this music, it reminds me of a time that is gone for ever and eternal at the same time. It’s yours now…


Congratulation to Joris Avodo, Victoire du BoisReinartz AntoineJustine BacheletLéa ForestJoe HaschkePierre Forest, Balthazar Lab, Agathe Poche, Jules Valeur, Punchline CinémaSylvain LagrillèreLucas Tothe, Cosme Castro et Léa Forest.

Movie excerpt HERE